Organization & Individual Consulting / Coaching

Dr. Cox is skilled in the art of coaching organizations and individuals; to improve their companies and lives from moderate to excellent. Management Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Improved Communication Skills are just a few of the specialties Dr. Teri Cox is qualified and passionate to share with you.

“When we contacted Dr. Cox, our company was growing at a rapid rate and it felt like the wheels were falling off. Going through Dr. Cox’s management and Coaching training taught us to develop a common language, gave us practical skills to listen to our employees and the skills to coach them to move from good to excellence. Above all, the training for our management team was priceless. Our management team is now equipped on how to conduct useful employee reviews that produce the desired results. Dr. Cox comes in with actual scientific evidence and facts as to how to improve communication, positive reinforcement, and overall productivity of our company. As owners of the company and energetic entrepreneurs, we were skeptical as to what we could learn that we didn’t already know or could figure out ourselves. However, after just the first session with Dr. Cox we could already see the value added. Dr. Cox helped us go from a company whose own success could have caused it to fail, to a thriving and steady successful company.” Gina Radke, CEO GSI